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Installation Settings

Sony Android Phones


Android Version?

Marshmallow - v6 or earlier - not supported

Find My Version

Settings > About Phone

- Model and hardware

- Android version

Concrete Wall
Battery Optim.



Turn OFF Battery Optimization

There are different settings for different Android versions and models, try/check all of the following:

Not all phone models have the same settings configuration.  If you unable to turn your "battery optimization" OFF please contact us for help.

Option 1:

  • Settings

  • Battery

  • ⋮ Menu (top right corner)

  • Battery optimization

  • Apps

  • Select VIDAT to exclude from battery optimization

Option 2:

  • Settings

  • Apps & Notifications

  • Advanced

  • Special app access

  • Power saving feature

  • Find VIDAT and change to Excepted.


Turn OFF Stamina Mode

Sony has its own unique feature on some devices: Stamina Mode.  If enabled, it disables background processes.  It is critical that VIDAT data collection be permitted to run in the background while you ride.

Ensure Stamina Mode is set to NEVER.

Go to:

  • Settings

  • Battery

  • Stamina Mode

  • Select Never

Stamina Mode
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