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The VIDAT app provides a means for rider data from cycling to be used for both individual and corporate benefits.

VIDAT delivers empirical data derived from a cyclist’s activity and applies it to the environment and personal health.

VIDAT is the most accurate data tracking app and reporting tool focused on Green House Gas (GHG) Reduction through efforts commuters achieve by bicycling.  

Garden Soil

ESG Reporting for
Scope 3
Category 7
GHG Protocols.

Net-Zero with the right spin towards Carbon Neutrality.  

Value of a Mile

The Value of a Mile

"If carbon has value, can a bicycle commuter mile convert into dollars?" 

The Dandy Horse introduces VIDAT, the bicycle traceability and rider verification app that can monetize every mile ridden.

VIDAT delivers Scope 3, Category 7 protocol data designed to meet SEC-approved Sustainability Audits. 


Bicycle commuters’ data will impact a sustainability report.  The same data meets the voluntary offset protocols, potentially resulting in not only a carbon credit to the employer, but also a carbon offset to the municipality.

VIDAT respects the privacy rights of our users.  We fight to protect them.

VIDAT utilizes behavioral economics and game theory to entice the cyclist to waive certain rights for a fee.

The Mission...

Strive to be the World’s Largest Repository of Verified Bicycle Miles Ridden

Monetize the Verified Miles through Multiple Programs

Our Programs

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Fog and Nature

Employee Commuter Programs

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We enable bicycle commuters to leverage auditable data to achieve sustainability initiatives.


Fog and Nature


Carbon Offset Partnerships

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Carbon-Producing Company partners with a Carbon Offset Focused Company/Not-for-Profit.

Fog and Nature

Rider Benefits

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We give purpose and meaning to bicyclists to leverage their proven ride.

Fog and Nature

Health / Life Insurance Benefits

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The only wellness and data product that can verify miles using patent-pending technology, integrating verified miles into the global wellness economy (currently valued at $4.4 trillion).

Fog and Nature

Charity Fundraising

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We alleviate constraints within the philanthropic environmental and healthcare industries.

Fog and Nature

School / University Fundraising

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Institutions leverage their Alumni list to raise funds for their school.

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